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AT  7:00PM

“New York and Jersey lights and down through the Del-Mar-Va  peninsula.” 
 This tour visits 52 lights and lightships in 40 minutes starting with a trek out to Jeffrey’s Hook and continues up the Hudson River through a climb of Tarrytown and on through Hudson – Athens light. This is followed by cruises to NY City area lights and out to Execution Rocks. Go along on the 2005 Long Island Lighthouse Challenge, climbing Fire Island and Montauk tall towers. Take cruises out of New London to the NY East End offshore Lights in Long Island Sound. Finally visit the Statue of Liberty and NY harbor entrance lights on down into NJ waters.

Visit all of the NJ Lights along the Atlantic and Delaware Bay shores including during the 2003 New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge, climbing all the tall towers, and viewing numerous Inns and B&Bs during Cape May Victorian Week.  This tour ends with a 2004 Cape May Whale Watcher lighthouse cruise which is pending as the 2022 NELL Spring lighthouse tour. Finally take the Cape May – Lewes Delaware ferry to the lights and wild ponies of the Del-Mar-Va peninsula. Hope to see you all along for the journey.

NELL awards $6,200 Grant to Dutch Island Lighthouse Society

NELL Preservation Check being presented to Dutch Island Lighthouse Society on November 7, 2021 at Fort Getty on Jamestown, RI. From left to right is Whit Hill; DILS, Craig Amerigian; DILS, Scott Chapin; DILS President, Henry Winkleman; NELL President, Arlene Winkleman; NELL Director-at-Large; Ron Foster; NELL Preservation Co-Chair, Marjie Johnston; DILS Treasurer, Wheaton Vaughn; DILS and Susan Dubowski; DILS.

The Dutch Island Lighthouse Society reached out to NELL for the grant by filling out the forms found on the NELL Website. This money is being used to purchase a used boat and motor for DILS. Currently they pay contractors to ferry materials out to their island lighthouse, something which they will soon be able to do on their own. This will enable them to save thousands of dollars which they can use to help restore Dutch Island Lighthouse. This is the second grant that NELL has given to DILS.  Back in 2001 NELL provided $1,200 for the cost of a solid steel door for Dutch Island Lighthouse. Dutch Island Lighthouse can be seen in the background on the tip of Dutch Island.

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