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The latest NELL ZOOM meeting
MONDAY, APRIL 25, 2022 AT  7:00 PM

( the Islands are no where near Puerto Rico)
The San Juan Islands are an archipelago in the Pacific Northwest of the United States between the U.S. state of Washington and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The San Juan Islands are part of Washington state, and form the core of San Juan County.
Join RON for an enchanting sailing adventure aboard the Schooner Zodiac as he circumnavigate the remote lighthouses of the San Juan Islands. 
Come aboard with the crew of the Schooner Zodiac for four slow-paced, magical days in the San Juan Islands, seeking wind to fill the sails and quiet coves to drop anchor each night.
During the cruise the Zodiac will visit the following historic lighthouses located in the San Juan Islands:
Patos Island, Burrows Islandz, Lime Kiln, Cattle Point, Turn Point
Weather permitting we will be able to cross the strait and visit light stations on the Olympic Peninsula including: New Dungeness, Pt. Wilson
Learn how sailors returning from sea relied on lighthouses to determine position at night or in the fog or stormy weather. Before the advent of Radar and GPS, position was determined by matching information on the charts with lights at specified positions, with identifying gongs and horns.
Answer the call of the wind and water, and the ringing commands from the quarterdeck: “sailing stations”, “all hands on deck”, “prepare to come about”! Each passenger sailor learns their assigned sailing station, and stands a watch rotating from charts (navigation) to helm, bow watch and quarterdeck messenger.
( This is the current itinerary of the Zodiac.  Let’s see where Ron went)

NELL awards $6,200 Grant to Dutch Island Lighthouse Society

NELL Preservation Check being presented to Dutch Island Lighthouse Society on November 7, 2021 at Fort Getty on Jamestown, RI. From left to right is Whit Hill; DILS, Craig Amerigian; DILS, Scott Chapin; DILS President, Henry Winkleman; NELL President, Arlene Winkleman; NELL Director-at-Large; Ron Foster; NELL Preservation Co-Chair, Marjie Johnston; DILS Treasurer, Wheaton Vaughn; DILS and Susan Dubowski; DILS.

The Dutch Island Lighthouse Society reached out to NELL for the grant by filling out the forms found on the NELL Website. This money is being used to purchase a used boat and motor for DILS. Currently they pay contractors to ferry materials out to their island lighthouse, something which they will soon be able to do on their own. This will enable them to save thousands of dollars which they can use to help restore Dutch Island Lighthouse. This is the second grant that NELL has given to DILS.  Back in 2001 NELL provided $1,200 for the cost of a solid steel door for Dutch Island Lighthouse. Dutch Island Lighthouse can be seen in the background on the tip of Dutch Island.

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