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Ron Foster’s Slideshow for his trip to

Hawaii in 2005

NELL ZOOM meeting October 13, 2020

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For A Special Film Presentation of 

Looking for a Hero


Russie Lane

(Author & Filmmaker)

About 3 p.m. on August 19, 1958, Sandra Lane was picking berries on the southeast side of Whitehead Island, off St. George, when she noticed a small boat sailing down Muscle Ridge Channel toward the open ocean.

It was a cold August afternoon, with the tail end of a hurricane kicking up heavy seas. Sandra, wife of Whitehead Light keeper Russell Lane, wondered why the small boat was heading out to the open ocean in those conditions.

In the boat was a 20-year-old camp counselor from Ohio and four teenage campers who were headed to Tenants Harbor for the night, and eventually back to camp in Boothbay Harbor. They had left Camden that morning and they were taking on water. Having lost their bailing can, they were fighting a losing battle against heavy seas with their hands and a sponge.

South, southeast of Whitehead, a big wave swamped them and the boat foundered, settling bow up. Three of the five fell into the ocean while two hung onto the bow. In the cold water, the situation quickly went from dire to desperate.

Russell Lane Jr. (aka Russie Lane), the son of the Whitehead Light keeper, has made a movie about the events of that day entitled “Looking for a Hero

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This is an upcoming feature film about lighthouses in New England and the men and women who are a big part of saving their legacy. For more information, please visit their website here and sign up for notices to find out where and when the film can be viewed.

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